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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it is banned. for 24 hours, indoors and outdoors. 37 in petaluma is the 8:00 spot. a lot of low-to-mid 40's and fremont and san francisco, then, the warm spot at 51 and 52. near record highs the next couple of days and rain coming this weekend in the seven-day forecast. fog, as well to get us going as we start with golden gate bridge it look like things are clear here but as we move up toward lucas valley fog could affect the commute. to the north we have a construction property until 6 and northbound 101 from stadium to petaluma boulevard. in the news, extra police are pa will fromming the streets of zone as business owners clean up as a long night of looting, vandalism and protests after the grand jury decision not to indict the white police officer
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who shot and killed an unarmed black teen in ferguson. amy hollyfield is in oakland with more. amy? >> the row -- protests are the starbuckss' ones were broken. it is boarded up. inside, the store is a mess. they do not know if they will be able to open today. down broadway, another store was looted with video of people waking out with all kinds of items including dog food, snacks, bottles of alcohols most popular item. bonfires were set in the middle of the street by protesters angry of the grand jury decision from ferguson. as an oakland resident surveyed the damage she said that it made
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her sad. >> everything is getting out of control. people need a bigger grip. the city and everyone, in general, calm down. >> oakland police used tear gas and rubber bullets on the crowd. bottles were thrown at police. it is calm now. it has dispersed. everyone has gone home. we hope to hear tallies of the number of arrests and how much damage was done to the downtown area. >> early protesters climb only to interstate 580 in oakland and basketballed others to the traffic lanes walking 20 the lanes, stopped traffic and forced the freeway to be closed for three hours. debris was burn on the freeway on-ramp and firefighters swept
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out the area and the freeway was re-opened at 11 o'clock. >> this is what drivers experienced when protesters start starting on interstate 580 a driver took this video while trapped. frustrated drivers honk their horns as protesters shouted hands up, don't shoot. >> in ferguson, missouri, police tried to disperse the crowds. many stores were lot -- there were more than 60 arrests by police. authorities had to call in military vehicles after protesters were throwing bottles at police. the national guard was called in to help protect the city of ferguson but they did not have a noticeable presence. this morning, the st. louis county police chief was asked what happened.
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>> unless we bring 10,000 police officers in here i don't think we could prevent folks that are intent on destroying a community. it doesn't take very long to throw it is dark in the area. >> this summer, the chief was vocal in defending his officers for their use of military-style equipment and putting down peaceful riots. >> the st. louis county prosecutors are showing explosive new evidence between the officer and the teen before the officer shot the teen. nick? >> officer darren wilson faced charges ranging from first-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter in the killing of michael brown. the jury of anyone whites and three blacks decided this was not sufficient evidence to charge wilson with a crime.
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there were a series of events that led to the shooting includingest and witnesses. we know there was a struggle inside officer wilson's s.u.v. and after, wilson had blood from brown on his weapon, shirt, and pants and according to the evidence, wilson's face was red and swollen after being hit repeatedly by brown. officer wilson telling the grand jury "he felt like a five-year-old holding on to hulk hogan." the prosecutor reminded everyone of the work done by the grand jury. >> they are the only people who have heard and examined every witness and every piece of evidence. >> he pointed to inconsistent and change statements from witnesses including the position of michael brown's hands and the officer's voluntary testimony to the grand jury for four hours. officer wilson had remained in
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the st. louis area but not seen in public since the shooting. we have learned he got married in october to fellow law enforcement officer. it isn't clear if he will return to his job at the ferguson police department. thank you. we are will ifing the protests over the ferguson decision closely. we will bring you any new developments as they happen the our coverage continues on twitter@abcnews. >> santa clara is finding out hosting a super bowl is not cheap with officials raising millions to pay for events leading to the big game in february of 2016 despite the money brought in already. matt? >> why health san francisco have all of the fund? santa clara hers want to hold several celebrations leading up to super bowl 50. in a memo released before the city council meeting the staff
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reveal they are developing plans for evented starting december 4, 2015 leading to the game on february 7, 2016. super bowl 50 hosts committee is planning many of the associated events in san francisco and santa clara city staff say holding city sponsored special events in santa clara bring a once in a lifetime opportunity for residents to celebrate the biggest game in the city. they recommend the we city council set aside a could be -- contingency fund from the capitol project until they raise money from sponsorships and it is a risk if they cannot raise the money taxpayers dollars go toward the public ever vent. what will the events be? a kickoff to super bowl season with a tree lighting ceremony and ice skating rink, count down kickoff 50 days ahead of time, and a race, world class parade
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with 100 floats and a past parade celebration including food, fireworks and a concert and several game day events with live streaming of the gun at santa clara university. tonight, the regular city council meeting starts at 7:00 >> a san mateo woman who police say was driving under the influence is scheduled to enter a plea in the death of an elderly woman. the 21-year-old woman is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony d.u.i. two weeks ago police say she was high on marijuana and possibly other drugs and she suddenly backed out of the downtown san mateo walgreens drive through and hit 84-year-old in the parking lot. a bill of rights for retail officers is unanimously approved by the san francisco before. the legislation dresses abusive scheduling practices by corporate retailers and stunts
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requiring employers to offer additional hours of work when available intended to help employees achieve consistent schedules with showers to pay bills and plan their lives and will pass a second vote and be signed into law in the next few weeks. unusual, mike, we have really warm temperatures. >> we could push records in some spots today and tomorrow and possibly on thanksgiving but right now we will talk about from novato to santa rosa and petaluma and santa rosa showing 10 miles but the fog is there, just patchy. most of us are warmer but hayward and half moon bay are a little bit cooler. winds are gusting around 15 miles per hour so it is bouncing as we look at san francisco. 37 to 5 is the best microclimate as we look through the next 12 hours low-to-mid 60, hazy, because of "spare the air" and no wood burning through midnight
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and 4:00, 66 to 70 is mild and 56 to 60 goes from mild to cool temperatures as we head throughout the evening hours. the next these days, tomorrow: upper 60's to mid-70's and thursday we have high clouds and sunshine, mid-60's to low 70's and clouds on friday and low-to-mid 60s. >> now, mass transit. bart has all trains running on time and 39 of them and as we look at ace train one and three they are on time and buses are now on time with no delays. over the altamont pass, we have construction and building traffic in the westbound direction eastbound side between greenville road to north flynn we have construction there until 9:00 this morning and we saw slowing there a little while ago but the slowing is in the when direction from before tracy boulevard looking at heavy traffic starting early. on the peninsula, 101, you can
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see decent conditions approaching 280 at hospital curb with the drive clear at ten minutes from from sfo to 3rd >> and something big from a beer maker's holiday commercial. >> an update on the condition of the window washer who fell off the san francisco building with the familiar seeing encouraging signs. >> the western span of the bay bridge shows traffic looking fine with a warm day here. we are watching weather and traffic. traffic. be right get three yearsuncer: interest-free financingweekend and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic.
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and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. >> covering burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look from our sutro camera to san francisco, a gorgeous setting here with the lights and everything. this is a "spare the air" so no butting in the fireplace. the family of a man who survived an 11 story fall is improving and is opening his eyes. >> if a statement family members say he is a stubborn strong man and he is fighting if his life. he has had several surgeries and is still in critical condition but doing better. the 58-year-old father of three fell 130 feet on to a passing
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care if san francisco on friday. the family is amazed he survived and are thanking the doctors and the driver of the car. >> san francisco bay keeper is warning the city of san jose to expect a lawsuit for pollute the bay. san jose has failed to keep trash from washing into the bay. these are photographs provided by the organization. debris collects in the river and coyote creek and carried into the bay during storms. the bay keeper says the city should do more to cap tire the crash and recycle storm run off considered the bay's biggest source of pollution. >> according to analysts, the resignation of secretary defense hagel could cause a contentious battle. nominees are grilled in the senate and the going has been critical of the foreign policy of president obama and chances are they want a nominee who agrees with their views. hagel will stay on the job until
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a successor was in place he is a victim of white house micromanagement. a study finds people plan to spend more money on each other this holiday season. a holiday spending program. >> americans are planning to spend more this year, $720, but that is less than they said a month ago. >> they may not feel is good on the economy. >> you will not see the clydesdale in budweiser ads, they want to appeal to young are drinkers who aper craft -- who appreciate the craft beer. >> and a new menu is at toppings and crust. >> is that pizza? >> some of the people are confused and outraged this is
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called "pizza," and pizza hut is calling this the flavor of the month. >> that is america's money. have a great day. an exciting day for "dancing with the stars" fans with a celebrity walking away with the mirror paul trophy tonight after an amazing show last night. >> youtube store danced away without the trophy, for budget without the trophy, for budget any -- for is alphonso and a return to the dance floor tonight right here at 8:00. >> who do you put your money on, guys? >> carlson. >> we have not had a guy win in
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a while. >> it will be interesting. >> alphonso. >> dance your way through this forecast. what do we have? >> it only takes two minutes, i get winned -- winded after that. if you are above 1,500' around 10 or 20 gus you can see the camera sat sutro is now bouncing as much as mount tamalpais. we have near record warmth and poor air quality today but especially tomorrow with the near record warmth as the warm the peeks on wednesday. cooling and clean air on friday and we have wet weather door with breezes saturday through monday and the heaviest weather is looking monday. san rafael has in fog here and it is the north by that will have the poor of the air quality
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today with no wood burning and we are all under the umbrella of the wood burning ban through midnight. tomorrow and possibly thursday could be "spare the air" alerts. we will hit the 70's everywhere but for richmond and san francisco and san rafael only a degree behind at 69. half moon bay is 6. that is the warm spot. most of the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's. clear again tonight because of offshore wind and nearly 50 in richmond and san mateo and oakland and san francisco 51 and inelse is in the 40's. high pressure is moving but it is still sending the storm track to the north and the storm system will waste most of its energy or use most of its energy breakdown the high pressure so the second storm is the one that brings us the better chance of rain. if you travel temperature watch out for washington, dc,
5:20 am
philadelphia, new york, boston, all will have snow through at least usually evening and it will clear out on thursday with more light snow on the way on thursday evening into friday. >> a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow and above-average temperatures on thursday and friday temperatures are back to average and friday night rain in the north bay and the rest of us are saturday, sunday and monday. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is empty. do not see a collection of with a few extra lights from the transition to the maze and san jose and 101 up to the san jose airport, this is 880 in the background southbound traffic and moving along without problems and we do not see southbound traffic. as we pull out you can see 101 approaching 280 and 680 and the nimitz is 62 miles per hour and 280 is 64 miles per hour into
5:21 am
cupertino. 85 has no delays. morgan hills and gilroy, in stop-and-go traffic but it will build up later. i will let you know when that happens. straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day. >> a long awaited movie trailer that could have people lining up at two bay area theaters and it is time to chow down at the oakland zoo, the tasty thanksgiving tradition. >> keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc7 news now showing you not so busy bay bridge toll plaza and in the top right the smaller screen, ferguson, missouri, an auto shop has been burned out following riots last night after thing from did not indict officer wilson in the delegate of wilson in the delegate of michael
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whether you are just gypping us or headed out the door, here are seven things to know, protesters in london -- in oakland when on a path of destruction in ferguson, missouri, with trash burned in the streets. we will have a report on the clean up in oakland in a few minutes. >> tensions remain high in ferguson. 80 people have been arrested in ferguson, and a dozen buildings were burned. several police cars were set on fire in the black st. louis suburb. >> the funeral for 14-year-old ivan cruz be held after riding his scooter when he was truck and killed by a truck driven by a man chased by police. a lifelong criminal has been arrested in his death. two bay area assembly
5:25 am
members introduce legislation to stop a possible toll for walk ares and bicyclist on the bridge. the representatives want did protect free access to the local landmark. five, santa clara needs to raise millions to pay for plans ahead of the super bowl 50 at levi stadium and the city council votes on a proposed contingency fund up to $2 million from the city's remembers. that taxpayer money would be used if organizers can't raise enough cash to pay if the events. six be we will watch the thermometer with near record high temperatures the next couple of days and that goes hand in hand with poor amendment quality. custody a winter "spare the air" day with no burning of wood allowed. the poor of the air quality is in san jose but not near unhealthy levels yet. the golden gate bridge
5:26 am
southbound in the northbound lane you cannot see it because it jut moved out but we have construction in the area is you want to be careful if you leave san francisco to head into marin, southbound traffic is moving along pine and we have a new report of debris in my speed on 680 with more details coming up. that is light traffic. animals at the oakland does get a thanksgiving meal with do animals from elephants to cats get treats made from donated left over pumpkins feasting on kabobs and pumpkin meat treats. the pumpkins would be thrown out or tilled back into the land. you can see the spectacle today from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. >> the new star wars trailer will debut friday. >> the trailer will show at san jose oak ridge and the amc in
5:27 am
san francisco. star wars, "the force awake bees," is due december 18, 2015. 13 years ago people stood if line to buy "meet joe black," just to cash the trailers and many last after the trailer did not even bother to stay for the movie, just the trailer. >> that is power. coming back with a full 90 minutes of news. we will continue come of the ferguson fall intermediate with a report of the situation on the ground right now. the ferry building if san francisco has light winds and we have warm temperatures and "spare the air" day with more "spare the air" day with more from meteorologist mike nicco
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:30 on tuesday, november 25, thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco the. >> a "spare the air" day. >> we are banned from burning wood indoors and outdoors through midnight. we have a dry mass over us that has enough moisture to create fog from novato northbound along 101 toward santa rosa this morning. watch out for that in the morning. as far as the forecast, near record highs tomorrow and "spare the air" the next couple of days and the rain this weekend. i will have a timetable for all of it. >> the quiet before the storm because tomorrow is the busiest travel day of the year so do expect to see the congestion building two hours before
5:31 am
normal commute southbound 680 is loading up. northbound traffic has construction and that will last until 6:00 so for another 30 minutes you have to put up with a few cones. major clean up in oakland with several problems of downtown dealing with broken windows, other vandalism and looting by protests over the grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer for shooting an unarmed black teen. amy hollyfield is in downtown oakland. oakland convention center is getting a fresh coat of paint right now. they have graffiti to cover up on the building and they are getting it cleaned up quickly, most of the graffiti has been covered up. this is one of several businesses damaged. all the weapons were broken out and certified was looted. a witness told us this a man
5:32 am
could not push his grocery cart it was so heavy with the bottles of alcohol he was stealing. >> the starbuck on broadway was looted. in the streets, activists set fires and refused to do what police said all here because they were angry of the grand jury decision not to indict police officer darren wilson in missouri. you cannot just shoot someone and not be in trouble for it. it would have been a different scenario if race inwas different. this is insane. mayor quan released a statement this morning saying oakland police showed tremendous restraint while having bottles and rocks thrown at them for hours. he said they arrested more than 40 vandals and no one was seriously hurt.
5:33 am
the protests shows the cleanup is moving quickly and we saw the starbucks boarded up and the convention center is getting a fresh coat of paint so they are doing their best to try to get the city pulled back together to re-open and look like a normal tuesday. many protesters show anger and frustration by climbing on interstate 580 at grand avenue in oakland. police think up to 1,500 people walked on the freeway lanes stopping cars and sometimes banging on the cars. the freeway was closed a couple of times to get the protests off and to clean up the debris last behind. all lanes in both directions were open by 11 o'clock p.m. after three hours. police arrested some people would marched on a 80 including the two people here. a woman tried to get away from officers but they stop her. she appeared to kick the officer
5:34 am
and oakland police have not said how many they arrested but there were enough that police needed buses to transport them. >> c.h.p. tweeted these pictures of what officers say was thrown at them overnight while trying to clear protesters off of 580 and these rocks are huge. officers had to dodge bottles lone at them. it is not clear if officers were hurt locally. >> c.h.p. motorcycle officer crashed his bike at the 580 interchange. this is the scene after 10:00. the officer stood up on his own, though, and was walked to another officer's s.u.v. in ferguson, missouri, where it all began. this is a live look at ferguson, missouri, with boarded up windows. degrees are high after the night of looting and gunfire and arson after the grand jury decision. dozens of aways were m
5:35 am
violence erupting overnight in ferguson. a dramatic seen worse than the protests that took place immediately after michael brown's shooting death in august. gunshots reported stepped from the police station and police cared set on fire. tear gas launched into the angry crowd. >> i look at our community ton apart. >> before the prosecutor's announcement of the decision, state and local floors made public pleas for calm. >> i reiterate my call for police, respect, and restraint. rebound weighed in from the white house. >> the situation in ferguson speaks to broader challenges we still face as a nation. >> the 12 on the jury reviewing the death met on 25 days over a period of three months and heard 70 hours of testimony from 60 witnesses including wilson himself and area witnesses to the shooting. the prosecution released more
5:36 am
than a thousand pages of grand jury evidence intended to make this secretive process transparent. >> wilson testified that brown hit him and toll the grand jury "i felt another one of the punches in my face could knock me out or worse." >> michael brown's mother learned the news moments before it was publicly announced and ran out of room in tears and anger. >> she is devastated. heart broken. the system allowed her unarm son to be killed in broad daylight and the officer not have to come to court. >> the police chief of st. louis the goal was to prevent loss of life and officials were prepared but were not able to prevent the eruption of violence. thank you, karen, dozens of buildings were burned in ferguson, overnight, and this is footage of an ought toy parks
5:37 am
store engulfed in flames with several businesses toned in one square mile area blocks from where brown was killed. crews have been working to put out all of the fires and a self storage facility, a meat market and a walgreens were among the businesses looted and set on fire. >> police used military vehicles to get the crowded to disperse called after protesters started to attack police cars. authorities also say shots were fired near the fog -- the fog son police son -- the ferguson e d. >> police are not sure if an officer would was grazed by the bullet is related to ferguson. no arrests have been made. we are following the profits across the nation over the ferguson decision. our coverage continues now on twitter. switching exercise, in the
5:38 am
east bay, a fatal crash is being investigated after a person was killed when their car burst interest flames following a multi-vehicle accident happening near the east fruitvale off-ramp and c.h.p. says it start as two car accident. then several other cars got involved. possibly they were trying to avoid the crash the one driver left the scene. they are trying to determine if alcohol was involved. >> in a few hours family and trends of the teen killed by a hit-and-run driver will gather. 14-year-old ivan cruz was riding his scoot enwe are -- scatter when he -- scooter when he was struck and killed. the lifelong criminal was being chased by police and he hit cruz who was in the crosswalk.
5:39 am
>> the mar everyone board of supervisors will most likely increase a living wage increase and go to 1,500 inhome house workers and 200 county employees with the cost slightly over $1 million. there is a public hearing on the issue best final vote. it would go into affect january 1. we had storm over the weekend and you would think the lake tahoe resorts would open as scheduled. but that is not the case. why? it was too warm. too warm until monday and tuesday with rain saturday and sunday and ten snow monday and tuesday. limited ones that can make the snow like heavenly are having the most prosperous opening so far this year. 38 in petaluma and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 40's in the north bay with the biggest change in temperatures from yesterday up to ten degrees waller and we are 41 in men and lafayette and 43 in san jose and
5:40 am
43 in newark and flying with the offshore wind pushing the temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's by noon and upper 60 to low 70's at 4:00 and we will fall short of records today and we will be two to four or five degrees of seeing those. and we are in the mid-50's to increasely 60 in the evening. tomorrow, it will be the warm day and probably "spare the air" day and the day post -- most likely to see records. cleaner and cooler air on thursday and friday. >> the richmond and san rafael toll plaza -- but, first, walnut creek. travel there, southbound side, moving line fine with a buildup of traffic there. now back to the richmond and san rafael toll plaza, light conditions but some cars are collecting far right lane.
5:41 am
as we move to the east, along i-80 away from highway 4 we are at 62 miles per hour, and 67 miles per hour and down to the hoffman split and through albany it is clear up to berkeley and we have metal debris southbound lanes so watch out for that but not causing navy -- any slow down. from san rafael to san francisco is ten minutes. 1238 to the maze is 14 minutes and 10185 to san jose international airport is 12 minutes. it lit up the nice for decades but the future nearly went dark, the fight to save a colorful piece of bay area history. >> a holiday offer with a twist, a cheeky gimmick a store is using to give away free clothes today. you are looking at a picture of san francisco international airport and the big scene, top right screen is showing aerial
5:42 am
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a look at the golden gate bridge traffic is moving quickly and maybe it is the lightness before the holiday we are seeing. leyla gulen will have more on traffic coming up. researchers are warned to look out for mountain lions after two big cats were seen and the discovery of a deer carcass. a second was spot the on the livermore laboratory with the laboratory issuing an advisory after the young deer carcass was found. >> a historic neon sign will be preserved in san carlos over the carlos club that has been there since 1947. the new owner of the club told the city council meeting behalf residents wanted to hear. >> if you have a family wife you have a family family. you have a happy family, you have a happy business. i believe everyone will be happy. it is welcoming.
5:46 am
it is fun. it is clearful. it is artful. unique. special. just plain cool. people became upset when lee removed the neon tubing and made other modifications without permits. the residents are hope he will keep the promise and keep the sign up. >> security experts in the silicon valley identified a highly certifies ticket the computer program used to spy on banks and telecommunication companies and government agencies around the world. researchers say that the malware was reasonable createed by a foreign government. experts say it checks cent shots, steals passwords and monitors mobile phone calls while covering tracks to avoid detection. countries hit hard of the which you russia, saudi arabia and india. here is a unique story that could make you say "only in san
5:47 am
francisco." >> a foundation story, put it that way. a clothing star is offering to dress you for tree if you show up in garments, your undies at powell street in union square. you can see what to expect. it is calling it undie party kicking off black friday. the first 100 people in line get to choose their favorite outfit and leave fully dressed opening this morning at 8:00 a.m. and they want you to put up pictures with # undieparty i a not sure. the police could have something to say about police in your underwear on the sidewalk. >> is to be over 18 to participate. >> we just warn the viewers...some of you may find this video disturbing.
5:48 am
>> now the weather, you will be taking off your coats when we hit the upper 60 to mid-70's and we are still in the 40's and 50's with a light and variable wind this morning in our lower levels but it is blowing offshore upper levels leading to a very warm day. san jose, good morning, 280 and 17 under clear sky this morning and we have near record warmth and poor air quality today and likely tomorrow and on thanksgiving and cooler and cleaner air arrive on friday and near record warmth and dirty hair behind it and wet and breezy start and sunday and especially monday. as far as today, our poorest air quality is not going to be in the east bay with the east bay and south bay hand in hand but it will be the north bay and the air quality management district says we will have the poor of the air quality but we are under
5:49 am
a wood bumping ban until immediate night. low-to-mid 70s in most neighborhoods and mid-to-upper it is along the coast in san francisco and richmond and san rafael. tonight, like this morning, not so chilly, still, a lot of 40's inland through fremont and san jose and toward half moon bay and low-to-mid 50's palo alto and oakland, san mateo and richmond and san francisco. the same as yesterday but the high pressure is sinking, you can see the arcing name of the storm track so it will be drive through thursday and first storm spins the energy breaking down the high pressure and opening the door like a full back going through the line and take out the middle line backer so the running back can gain the most yard average. i get nothing out of what? >> friday, the area of low pressure and the rest of us are getting rain on saturday and maybe it lets up on sunday and more written on sunday and especially monday, by tuesday it is finally out of hire.
5:50 am
-- out of here. we can expect 1" to 3" that will wipe out our deficit. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures still in the 70's through thursday in most areas but for the coast and low-to-mid 60's on friday and back to normal and low 60's with heaviest rain on sunday and upper 50's on monday. >> here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights turned on. it is packed. from the east bay toward san francisco it is 15 minutes and from emeryville to the eastern span it is busy and past the metering lights you are moving but slower. through the tunnel and into san francisco expect a couple of brake lights flashing. speaking of flashing break lates, busy conditions and 26 miles per hour from tracy to livermore and it spins out and you start to see the traffic
5:51 am
building again as you get closer to the dublin interchange and interest castro valley, no delays at all. here is a look at drive time traffic and 580 tracy to dublin to castro is 50 members and 101 and out of daly city to san and out of daly city to san francisco not a problem. make counting calories easier. hitting the road tomorrow for thanksgiving, why you better have a couple of hours for travel time. >> the t.s.a. has a friendly remainder as the holiday travel season kicked in to high gear this week and behalf you are asked to eleven at home before you head off to the airport. a look outside right now a look outside right now this is the embarcardero weather and
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
if you plan to drive tomorrow before the thanksgiving holiday expect the trip to take longer. we are talking maybe 25 percent longer. >> the thanksgiving traffic forecast says that the wednesday prethanksgiving rush hour is expected to begin two hours earlier than a regular day. drivers trying to avoid the worst delays are encouraged to avoid traveling between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. the top three cities with the business of the traffic tomorrow: los angeles, portland, oregon and shocker here, san francisco. >> traveling in these three metropolitan areas could take 36 percent longer. >> happening today the bay area's largest thanksgiving feast takes place in oakland sponsored by oakland human
5:55 am
services department from 11 o'clock arm until 2:00 at marriott hotel city center with music and free turkey dinner. 2 the people are expected to attend including those attendees, golden state warriors legend for the 23rd year. >> the warriors have been out there in the community recently. >> mike, we turn our attention to what is going on here before the thanksgiving holiday. >> quiet. golden gate bridge has no fog, at 20 miles per hour, and close the we get to a record high at sfo i am forecasting 70, the record is 72, and most of us are four or five degrees away from the mid-70's in 1975. fire danger if los angeles through tomorrow, and mid-to-upper sent through the valley and a chance of snow, finally, on monday in lake
5:56 am
tahoe. >> speaking of travel time, if you are headed out tomorrow, and you are making traveling for thanksgiving we have an altered mass transit schedule with more on that in a few minutes. right now we have an accident blocking a lane southbound 680 you can see it is causing the backup approaching the scene of the accident take you to san jose at 8:00 tonight at sap center fleetwood mac in is in concert. expect heavy delays. >> it is 5:56. be prepared to learn how many calories are in the jumbo puck debt of popcorn. >> the f.d.a. will announce new calorie postings for movie chains and prepared food at grocery stores. retailers have a year to comply. the move is required under the affordable care act. >> have to eat your popcorn with
5:57 am
your eyes covered. >> exactly so you don't know how many. >> morning reveals the extent of the mess left behind in ferguson after the rioting and looting. later, "7 on your side" partners with "consumer reports" to reveal if prepaid cars or smart or risky. >> you can see the bay bridge toll plaza show things are back ing up. keep tabs on weather and traffic and we will
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the streets of ferguson look like a war zone after a grand jury decision in the michael brown case.
6:00 am
a ferguson fallout reaches the bay area. local businesses targeted by protesters. we are live with a big clean up job. >> bay area taxpayers could be forced to help pay for upcoming super bowl fast efforts in santa clear. a tuesday. them 25, at 6:00, and thanks for joining us. with meteorologist mike nicco and the weather. santa rosa is ten miles visibility. but it has not made it to san rafael, and 101 cars headed southbound to the golden gate bridge is fog free, as well. the big story is the warm temperatures and it is "spare the air" day with the poor of the air quality likely in the north bay.


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